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I'll be honest: I spent a lot of time writing this post, deleting it, then writing something different.  So many opinions I should probably not type . . .

As has been noted and commented before, this movie will be very different from Forever Knight, to the point of almost wondering why they bother linking their weird crossover/fusion fanfic thing into this fandom.  I find myself so often shaking my head in shock, my brain rejecting this thing, yet some sort of morbid fascination keeps me checking in periodically to see what will happen next.  But at least they have made my least-favorite character more interesting.

So.  The first cast photo with the major characters has been released (see below).  Vachon will be played by Ralph Piotrowski; he even has a top hat (though not in this image)!  LaCroix will be played by Sean Reynolds.  Personally, I don't like the fact that they have made Nick and LaCroix appear similar in age.  For me, LaCroix needs to have had experienced more mortal years than Nick.  This just throws that dynamic completely off.  But enough of my personal rant.

If you look at the other posted images of the vampire characters, there is a fuzzy, plastic-like filter they are putting on them.  Not quite sure if the intent is to show they physically look very different than mortals, or playing off the 'vampires can't really have their picture taken and if they do they'll be indistinct' idea.  I hope that is only for these promo shots, because it will be very distracting if they intend to do that throughout their movie.

For more info about the movie, you can check out the FK Movie facebook page.

The order in the photo from left to right: Schanke, LaCroix, Vachon, Lily, Natalie, Nick
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I think you nailed it by saying that there's a "morbid fascination" with this production. I know I feel the same way.

The Forever Knight fandom was passionate and very the 90s. In 2017 we occupy a very tiny corner of the Internet that I can't imagine that the production's producers are banking on much traffic from us. So why even bother when they're making some pretty significant changes.

I have to say that yeah that makeup on the vampires is just awful. They're really going out of their way to make them stick out. Were Forever Knight's vampires pale, sure, but not obscenely so. The only character I'm digging based on appearance is Schanke.
Date/Time: 2017-07-11 05:19 (UTC)Posted by: [personal profile] abby82
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I think you're definitely taking one for the team by providing all these updates on the movie. I'm curious but not enough to actually take a look at their Facebook page. You keep us in the know!

I think you bring up a really interesting point concern the rights to the show and its characters. It's why FOX keeps making X-Men movies, to maintain possession of the rights they got from Marvel and why properties like Daredevil reverted back to Marvel. If anything, the credits to this movie might shed some light on who owns the rights to Forever Knight. Maybe one of the movie's producers will volunteer the information in a post somewhere down the line. Sony produced the DVDs and distributed the show but it's not available on their streaming site Crackle. At least not in the U.S. but perhaps internationally.

Constantine strikes me as a pretty accurate comparison. There's nothing wrong with a character like Constantine or the world he inhabits. That genre of TV remains pretty popular, but it does remain to be seen how chain-smoking!Nick is anything like FK Nick other than in name. There's more to Forever Knight and its characters than just "Vampire, cool!" It's the story of redemption, faith and perseverance. For a show made on such a modest budget, it had so many dimensions to it that fans can still discover new angles to the characters and its themes.


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